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NBA News Trades and Rumors are the best place to get up to date news on NBA trades and rumors. They have live rumors that you can watch live all day or watch on their website. They also have a list of trades that are going on all day, everyday, and what they were, how it was handled, and who did it.

nba news trades and rumors

Trade rumours are one of the hottest topics in sports. The trades this year are quite different from the past few years and it seems like every day is a hot market. Some good trades came from the Hornets, Timberwolves, Lakers, and the Raptors.

That being said, some of the most interesting things that happened in NBA trades and rumors this year were the Sacramento trade and the draft picks that they gave up to get LaMarcus Aldridge. The Lakers got Nash, and the Raptors get Jose Calderon.

With the trades and rumors for the trade deadline, one of the craziest things was the Kobe Bryant trade and the Suns front office. Many believe that the Bulls would have gotten more for Kobe than the Celtics did and the Suns offered them much less than the Celtics. When all was said and done, the Bulls and Suns came out the loser. Since then, they have been working to fix this mess.

The Nets have made several trades to make the playoffs and the Raptors are showing that they are serious about winning now. The Nets have received Deron Williams and Jared Jeffries, the Clippers are now interested in Pau Gasol, and the Sixers could use an upgrade at point guard. The Raptors are looking for a power forward and back up center while the Nets have made offers for Robin Lopez and Tyson Chandler.

These are just some of the trades that happened at the trade deadline, but it is clear that the NBA is moving at a rapid pace. For more up to date news, you should check them out.

The NBA news sites are some of the best places to get up to date news on the NBA trade market. If you are interested in getting even more informed, you should read more about what is going on at the trade deadline as well.